Is your mare proving difficult? We have been able to get many difficult mares in foal using the latest technologies.  Talk to the Specialist!
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Problem mares: Have you ever tried to breed from your mare and she appears normal but just doesn't get in foal? Ask your vet to refer the mare to us as a "problem mare" and we can manage her fertility for the season. Some of the problems we have encountered include blocked oviducts, uterine or cervical adhesions, uterine tumours, pregnancy loss, missing uterine horns and bizarre infections. In one case we have removed a marble from the uterus that had migrated through the uterine horn into the abdominal cavity! We offer the full suite of advanced reproductive services including ultrasound, laser, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, cervical surgery and embryology procedures.

New laser treatments for uterine cysts! Over 70% of old mares have uterine cysts which can reduce pregnancy rates in mares. Laser removal of uterine cysts provides the mare with a clean slate to carry the pregnancy! After laser treatment in the USA, pregnancy was achieved in 72% of previously barren mares.

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How do I know if my stallion is fertile? The gold standard of fertility is the ability to produce foals. So does your stallion have a per cycle pregnancy rate greater than 50%?
Dr Lee Morris has evaluated hundreds of stallions in NZ and worldwide and has access to the latest technology in semen evaluation and processing. Talk to the Specialist!


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Woohoo! Our first ICSI pregnancy in New Zealand - scanned in foal today! This is very exciting for NZ breeders and a great story. This incredible fertility treatment allows us to pick up one sperm and inject an egg to make a baby foal. We then froze the embryo until we had a perfect surrogate mare ready (well done Pinkie!) and today we have a 15 day pregnancy...can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks to the mare, the mare's owner, the EquiBreed NZ team and my family for making this dream possible on so many fronts!

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